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Infernal Relations is a tale of desire, intrigue and skulduggery

Hidden in the English countryside lies Lockwood Institute, an academy for the sons and daughters of the aspirational. Or as Spencer Lockwood, reluctant heir apparent believes, the most loathsome gathering of reprobates in the land. When Spencer is summoned back to this ghastliness for a special assignment, he can’t help wonder what fresh hell awaits him this time. Extra duties this season involve he and his cousin, Monty, joining an influential benefactor and his intrepid daughter on an expedition into the surrounding forest to track a mysterious beast seen roaming wild. Out of their element, what begins as a quest into the wilderness for Spencer and Monty becomes an odyssey of survival and unexpected events that erupt into a scandal that threatens their liberty and staggers the thinking world. As Spencer tries to keep himself and Monty out of prison and prevent institute life from unravelling, a spine-chilling discovery changes everything.

Infernal Relations – Out Now in Paperback
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Loved by readers

Utterly joyful!

P.S. Rover has created an utterly charming world in which to get lost …Within just a few pages, it’s easy to feel immersed in the undeniably skilled writing, charming characters and witty narrative. There are few books which you feel disappointed to come to an end, but this was just such a case. I will anticipate a sequel with palpable excitement.

5 stars

Seb Brummell

Amazon review

Hilarious indeed. Worthy of Wodehouse!

Such a funny and well-written book – full of japes and scrapes worthy of Wodehouse himself! Eagerly awaiting further instalments!

5 stars

What larks. A very fun read

What larks…Spencer is a bit of a chump, but with a little more analysis of the surrounding collection of family, hangers on and others. Cousin Monty is even more of a chump, and there are plenty of plots, surprises and things going wrong to keep one entertained and smiling up to the end. A very fun read.

5 stars

R. Tilbury

Amazon review

Farcical comedy … a charming read

Not my usual choice of style but I enjoyed it. If you like your english farcical comedy then you’ll enjoy this book, the winding, often unexpected story line, and a cast full of characters with a distinctly Wodehouse twist make it quite a charming read.

4 stars

T. Hudson

Amazon review

Loved by reviewers

I found myself laughing out loud

The beauty of this book is in the writing. Rover has a wonderful way with words and I found myself laughing out loud. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more.

4.5 stars

Whispering Stories

UK’s leading book reviewers

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A brilliantly crafted booking roaring with intricately woven English humour

The writing was marvellous. So rare to find in contemporary fiction these days. I chuckled more than I was expecting and giggled more than I should have. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

4.5 stars

The Reading Bud

India’s premier independent book reviewer

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A great piece of drama too

Amusing and light in tone throughout, I think that ‘Infernal Relations’ is an intricate and well written book that is filled with the atmosphere of the theatre, and a great story for those missing going to plays at the moment. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to other literary fiction fans.

Like ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’


LoveReading UK

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A rollercoaster ride. Rover is excellent at crafting unique sentences

With a poetic touch, he brings to life sentences readers will leave the book impressed by his ability to squeeze all the juice out of the English language

Independent Book Review

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I don’t know if a girl has ever forced her way into your sleeping quarters asking you to be a Roman you’ve never heard of but if you’re anything like me, it comes over all Greek.

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